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Avoid – The Red Eye Effect

Tweet Photography is an art, and just like no art comes without experience, taking good pictures also do not come without experience. So if you’re expecting overnight success, you may be disappointed. Although you are much exited about photography, taking good pictures is not a matter of just aiming and shooting. Unless you are using […]

The Importance of Lighting in Photography

Tweet Do you remember being fascinated by the pictures you took at your vacation? The action of the waterfall in motion seemed real. The colorful beetle that drank a dew drop from a bright green leaf made an array of emotions run through your heart. The dolphins caught in their flight made you leap with […]

Avoiding – The Camera Shake

Tweet Photography is an important part of life. Be it personal or commercial, photos help us to see things the way they are without being at the particular locations. Photos help us to capture the things that we love, in order to be viewed at a later time. Photos are a great way to preserve […]

What’s underwater photography?

Tweet Would you like to combine your two great passions in life–photography and deep sea exploration? Why not! You could do them both with underwater photography. The easiest way of course is to hop into a submarine. But since this is almost impossible for an amateur photographer snorkeling, scuba diving or even swimming could be […]

My foray into the world of photography

Tweet Recently a friend of mine got hooked to photography, in a big way. She was always angling for photographs; on the road, at home, at work, with friends at lunch.  Anywhere and everywhere, she would go click, click. What’s it bout photography that has taken in so many people, I wondered. And I realized […]

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