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Captivating Pictures On Your Travels

Tweet Although capturing landscape is a key ingredient of travel photography, there is much more to it. Travel photography involves photographing the very essence of a place. If you love travelling, a few tips and a handful of experience can enable you to take enchanting travel photographs. The world is full of beautiful places. Being […]

Understanding Hyperfocal Distance and Depth-of-Field

Tweet Everyone learns from their mistakes; so if you’re wondering why those mountains in your landscape photo are blurry, it’s time to ask yourself what went wrong. It takes a bad shot once in a while in order to crank-up those thought processes and arrive at solutions. What if the mountains would be sharp but […]

Rule Of Thirds In Photography

Tweet If you don’t understand why your photographs are not being appreciated, there may be an underlying reason to it. Place your pictures alongside pictures taken by a professional photographer and look carefully. You may notice that most professionals do not center their subjects. While the mountain in your subject appears in the center, the […]

Fine Art Photography

Tweet Photographs can change your mood and suggest a particular feeling. How much you are moved by a photograph will tell a lot, not about the photo, but also about the photographer. Fine art photography is a form of photography that brings out the creative abilities and subjective expression of a photographer and puts it […]

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 – Review

Tweet Although the old point and shoot camera is becoming trendier, the digital SLR is evolving at a pace that is difficult to catch up with. Most people prefer the point and shoot camera because it is compact and trendy, and can be easily slipped into your bag. Moreover, you don’t have to bother about […]

A Disposable Camera, Is It Worth It?

Tweet If your digital SLR or your trendy point-to-shoot camera is your prized possession, and you are very particular about caring for the lens and the digital sensor, you would like to preserve it for special occasions. Outdoor vacations and trips can be hot and dusty, or wet and slimy. You wouldn’t want to take […]

Wedding Photography

Tweet A wedding may be a once in a lifetime occasion. The wedding ceremony is a pleasant mix of happiness, fulfillment and feelings of a dream come true. At the same time a wedding ceremony is a mixture of nervousness, uncertainty and high expectations. Unlike other forms of photography, where you can experiment with your […]

Editing Digital Photos

Tweet Well taken photos can help you relive your memories, producing a soothing and comforting effect. Your pictures by the waterfall gushing into the lap of pristine waters, that flow through lush greenery, against the backdrop of the blue skies, are part of your cherished memories. The picture where you walk with your loved one […]

Types Of Lights Used In Studio Photography?

Tweet Now that you have your own studio, a very important factor in taking great photographs, is lighting. The lighting of your studio depends on the type of lights you use. The best thing about studio lighting is that you can be in total control. Once you understand what type of lighting works, you can […]

Capturing The Sunrise Or Sunset

Tweet The warm sunrays, breaking out through the waters, and diffusing through the clouds, is a sight that could make your morning a worthwhile experience. Similarly, viewing the big orange-red ball sink into the lake as its rays disperse into various colors across the sky, is a sight not to be missed. Although the sun […]

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