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Scanning Photographs

Tweet Unless you are a teenager who probably has never seen a film camera, you will probably have quite a few old photos that only exist as hard copies of images captured on film. These could be pictures from your school and college days or old black and white or even sepia prints of your […]

Creating Your Own Photo Calendar

Tweet If there’s one thing every home and office must have, it is a calendar. Although we live in a world of computer calendars and organizers, online calendars, PDAs and mobile phone alerts, nothing will ever replace the printed calendar. One glance at it will tell you where you are in time and the notes […]

Canon Rebel XS DSLR Review

Tweet Although, digital SLR cameras have redefined photography, until five years ago they were meant only for professionals. For the average person, they were quite exorbitantly priced. When Canon launched its EOS 300D five years ago, it shot to fame, as the 300D (Rebel) was preferred by many as an affordable solution. After launching the […]

Photographing Your Pets

Tweet Photographing a pet is an act of love. Every pet owner wants pictures of his pet looking its best. The problem is that pets, even the best behaved of them, are not the most cooperative subjects for portraits – the may do as they are told, but they don’t understand what you are looking […]

What You need to Know Before Joining a Photography School

Tweet Becoming a good photographer requires more that having a good camera, pointing it in the right direction and pressing a button. An aspiring professional or even a serious amateur needs to learn the both the science and art of photography. That’s where photography schools come into the picture (pun intended). While most photography schools […]

Sports Photography

Tweet Digital photography has opened up a new world of action photographs. While most digital cameras have a high speed, action or sports mode which will help you to take great action shots, there are still some things you can do yourself to help improve the quality of your results. •    When trying to take […]

Going Back In Time – The History of Photography

Tweet Although history tells us that the basic concept of a camera has been around since the 5th century B.C., it stayed just a theory for over two thousand years. The science of capturing images that could be stored began in 1830s when a Frenchman named Joseph Nicophore Niepce fitted a pewter plate coated with […]

What a Food Photographer Should Know

Tweet Professional photographers say that “If you can shoot food, you can shoot anything.” The main cause for this is the insufficient time you have to actually take your shots. From the time food is kept on the table its look starts deteriorating. Steam stops emerging from it, ice cream begins to melt, shiny food […]

Growing Up Years – Photographing Your Children

Tweet More than any other kinds of photographs, those of your children as they grow up are the ones that you will treasure the rest of you life. Don’t let this mean that every picture has to be perfect. If kids are not perfect, why should their pictures be? What you need to do is […]

Selecting Colors in Photography

Tweet Manipulating colors in photographs can hugely enhance the effect that the image creates. From simply making it more eye catching to adding feelings and emotions, everything is possible using software like Photoshop of its equivalents. The effects may be subtle as in toning down clashing colors or extreme as in applying a bright color […]

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