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Digital Post Processing Tutorials On Photo Manipulation

Tweet People often confuse editing and manipulation. Editing is enhancing or repairing a photo or removing needless material from it (cropping). Manipulation is about turning a photo into something totally different. You can add to a photo, remove from it, change shapes and textures, add special effects and, in other words, take a photo and […]

New Equipment Reviews and Tests

Tweet Whether you are buying your first or tenth camera, knowing which one to buy is always a problem. The range is huge, from the basic point and shoot to the most advanced digital cameras that produce professional quality results. The plethora of reputed competing brands, all offering similar products is a double edged sword. […]

Action Shots

Tweet Traditional film cameras are now almost museum pieces. Digital cameras offer so much more in terms of convenience, special effects, image manipulation and so on. However there is one area where many digital cameras still lag behind the film camera and that is sports and action photography. The problem with digital cameras, especially the […]

Concert or Stage Photography

Tweet Concert and Stage photography is not easy. In fact, it can be one of the most difficult things for an amateur to do. But since there’s no better way to learn than by doing it, and the results can be very satisfying, here are a few tips on what you will need and how […]

Macro World

Tweet Photography shows us the world around us. Using a telephoto lens gives us a close up view of things we could normally not get near enough to appreciate in it finer detail. Macro photography enables us to see the finer details that are near but too small to be appreciated. Related Posts Up-Close Encounters […]

How to Make Money With Stock Photography

Tweet Many people wonder how a stock photograph is defined. The answer to that is that it is not. Every business needs photographs for reports, projects, publicity and so on. They place they go to get them is stock photo agencies who have a huge amount (maybe millions) of photographs in their stock. The stocks […]

General Composition Rules for Photographs

Tweet To compose is to combine a variety of elements into a whole. A person who writes music is called a composer because he puts musical tones into an order that appeals to the listener. A photographer needs to do the same thing with his photos- put the various elements of the scene in an […]

High and low key black & white photographs

Tweet In any photography club, magazine, book or even when a few photographers are just talking, you will hear references to high and low key black and white pictures.  These buzz words are bandied about by even those who do not really know what they mean. For most people the words high and low in […]

Digital Photography Software

Tweet While the quality of the digital camera you use is crucial to the quality of the pictures you take, don’t forget, as many people often do, the important role digital photography software play in determining the final look of a photograph. Okay, so software will not make a photo taken with a 5 mega […]

Finding the Right Digital Camera for Your Needs

Tweet A camera if a very personal piece of equipment. Once you become familiar with your camera you will be able to take even better photos and create effects you did not know were within your capabilities. But one size does not fit all and the reason that there is such a huge variety of […]

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