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Top Camera Accessories

Tweet Buying your first SLR camera can be extremely exciting.  For most photographers, amateur or professional, finding the perfect accessory to make your photography better is a lot of fun and can really help improve your results.  There are plenty of tools that are sold on the market at varying prices, but for newer photographers […]

Taking pictures of pets

Tweet There’s no doubting it – in many people’s households, the pet reigns supreme.  Cats, dogs, hamsters, fish – everyone has their personal favourites.  Unsurprisingly, pet photography is now extremely popular, with owners paying for professional portraits in the same way they would for photographs of their children. When photographing animals, its important to remember […]

Digital Darkroom Tips: Black & White Images

Tweet Black and white images look classic and timeless; no wonder so many people choose to take photographs or convert them mono.  Without the distraction of color, black and white images transcend time.  Some images translate better when in mono than ohers, like those with stronger contrasts between white/black, dark/light, highlight/shadow.  In the past, the […]

Basic Camera Modes

Tweet When you buy a digital camera, it will come with a selection of Automatic or Auto functions.  Its not only beginners who find these modes useful – there are times when professionals will need to be able to take a photograph quickly without fuss and will choose an auto setting. These modes should give […]

Printing and Colour Management

Tweet Home Printing photographs is becoming an increasingly popular option, as it can be cost effective (especially when producing larger prints) and there can be greater control over the finished print.  However, many people who are new to this find that the colors that they thought they captured or saw on the computer screen aren’t […]

5 Photography Tips

Tweet Whether you are new to photography or more experienced, its always fun to pick up new tips on how to use your camera and make your images better and better each time.  Here are five top tips to keep in mind every time you pick up your camera to help you avoid common photography […]

A photographer’s portfolio, part 2

Tweet When choosing a portfolio folder, presentation case or book, remember some important points; is it durable and strong? Does it look great and make you feel proud if it?  Is it the correct size and shape for your needs?  Does it fit into your budget?  Is it easy to carry and transport, or is […]

A photographer’s portfolio, part 1

Tweet A photographer’s portfolio is his bible.  Traditionally, a portfolio is a folder of some sort – these come in all shapes, sizes and prices.  You can also have a digital portfolio, presented online on a personal website or a third party web host. You should always include your best work in your portfolio – […]

Photography Competitions

Tweet If you want a way to expose your photographs to the wider world, as well as getting some essential feedback and winning prizes, there are plenty of photography competitions to look out for. There are competitions that cover every genre, have various prize pools and specify different requirements. The most important thing is that […]

Travel Photography Tips

Tweet It may be gloomy at the beginning of the year, but its never too soon to start planning your travels.  For any photographer, going on holiday is a fantastic opportunity to take some new and interesting shots towards the portfolio.  There is no location in the world that doesn’t have its own unique and […]

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