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Photographing Events: Birthdays

Tweet Occasionally, you may be asked to photograph a birthday.  Birthdays are celebrated in a number of ways; children may have small parties in the home or go to a special venue.  Teenagers tend to have parties in the home or sometimes at clubs, bars or special venues.  Older people are more likely to have […]

Portraits: Taking photographs of the baby

Tweet Babies can be easy or difficult to photograph – it depends entirely on the personality of the one you are photographing (not to mention the parents involved!).  Babies are susceptible to their environment and change; whilst some are curious other dislike strangers and change. It’s always a good idea to have the parents involved […]

Portraits: Taking photographs of the teens

Tweet Teenagers are making the difficult transition from child to adult and they definitely come with their own difficulties.  Teenagers can be full of angst and drama, and they don’t necessarily want to cooperate for photo shoots. Many teens have been nagged by their parents into a photo shoot.  Apart from school photographs, many teenagers, […]

Portraits: Taking photographs of the family

Tweet The family portrait is an image that is usually displayed and cherished for years to come.  The family portrait can be quite formal in its style; people lined up accordingly and dressed to the nines.  Or it can be a laid back, casual affair capturing the natural essence of the group. Different families will […]

Photography Exhibitions: Part 3

Tweet To begin with, you many want to exhibit at smaller more manageable venues.  For example, shops and cafes are a good place to start. You have too decided first which images you want to show.  If you want to make money, a good idea is to show images that are striking but would also […]

Photography Exhibitions: Part 2

Tweet Now that you know what an exhibition is, or what it can be, and you realise that only the best and most interesting work will be successful you need to consider how to get your work shown.  It is not an easy task by any means, but with motivation and dedication it is certainly […]

Photography Exhibitions: Part 1

Tweet Having your photography displayed in an exhibition is one of the best ways to share your work with the public and other professionals.  It can help you get noticed and really boost your confidence.  However, the prospect of holding an exhibition or being part of one may seem daunting and stressful if you have […]

Commonly used Photoshop terms

Tweet There are various ways to learn how to use the software, at home with a book, on a course, from an online school etc.  Whether you are new or experienced with Photoshop, it helps to have a grip on the commonly used terms.  There are hundreds of options of Photoshop, and thousands of possibilities.  […]

Making money with stock/photo libraries

Tweet If you want an opportunity to make money with your photography, why not try to sell your work via a picture library?  What a picture library does is host your images on the Internet and advertises it to potential buyers, who will then pay the agency if they want to use your photo.  The […]

The Photographer’s Assistant

Tweet Professional photo shoots are not complete without the help of assistants.  Behind the photographer is usually a team of hair, make up, assistants, models, art directors and so on. And many professional photographers start their careers as assistants.  This means you work for the photographer, you run around doing odd jobs, carrying things, doing […]

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