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How to guides: Food Photography Part 1

Tweet Food, glorious food – apart from eating it, how can we use it in Photography?  When you think about all the cookery books, magazines and websites out there that are about food, not to mention the type of businesses (such as restaurants) that require images of food, it’s no wonder that the genre is […]

Digital Photography Issues

Tweet Many photographers these days will use a digital camera and deal with digital images.  As wonderful as technology is, it is not without its problems – anything which involves computers can always encounter issues.  Here are some of the problems and issues you need to think about if you use digital photography.

The Digital Photographer: JPEG or RAW?

Tweet When shooting with your digital camera you will need to make some decisions about what file format to choose when taking your snap.  The most common include ones Jpeg and RAW.  But what are the advantages and disadvantages?  What’s so good about this RAW format anyway? Related Posts So you’ve got the camera, now […]

5 Mistakes Photographers Make

Tweet Regardless of how long you have been taking photographs, the chances are that you may have some bad habits that can affect the images you take.  It can be a shortcut, or forgetting to do something, or just laziness.  Here are some bad habits that all of us may be guilty of. Related Posts […]

Selling your photographs: Postcards and Cards

Tweet Nearly every photographer imagines that his work is good enough to be saleable.   There are many ways to enter the photography industry although many of them seem like a big challenge if you have never freelanced before.  A great idea is to try selling some of your images as postcards and greeting cards. Here […]

Dealing with Photographer’s Block

Tweet It happens to every photographer.  There may be one day where you are ready with a camera in hand but you are unable to choose something to photograph.  You don’t know how to photograph it.  There’s nothing to inspire you.  You can’t get an interesting image together.  Maybe you have photographer’s block – if […]

Buying a studio flash kit: Part 2

Tweet When choosing studio lights there are two important types of lights you can choose from – Tungsten and Flash.  Both have their pros and cons, and you should consider carefully before making an investment. Tungsten lights are sources of continuous lighting which means it does not turn off.  There are advantages and disadvantages to […]

Buying a studio flash kit: Part 1

Tweet There will come a time when natural lighting and your flashgun is not enough and you require more power and versatility.  You may want to invest in your own home studio lighting kit.  Here’s a guide to choosing your first set. These days there are plenty of home studio sets, from unbranded kits costing […]

Composition for Photography

Tweet Composition is one of the key factors in photography.  If you are wondering why your photograph is looking good but not great, it could be because of the composition.  Even when we are presented with something spectacular, a good photographer should do more than point and shoot – he should be able to take […]

Buying your first kit on a budget: Part 2

Tweet After you have invested in your basic first kit, what other items are worthwhile investing in?  No doubt, the more specialized a piece of kit is, the more expensive it can be but there are always ways to find the best possible price and to seek out alternatives. Related Posts The Photograph You Missed […]

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