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How to pose a model: Part 4

Tweet When it comes to working with children, you are up for a challenge.  Children can be your average kid, brought to you for portraits by their parents or they can be models with more experience.  It’s important to remember when working with children and posing them that they react differently than adults and you […]

How to pose a model: Part 3

Tweet This time we are looking at how to pose non-models, specifically family portraits and groups.  Many freelance photographers are commissioned to take family portraits either in a studio or outdoors.  You will be dealing with people who have no experience at all dealing with photographers not to mention the fact that they will be […]

How to pose a model: Part 2

Tweet Guiding a model and telling them how to pose requires some experience and confidence on your part.  The more practice you get the better – it doesn’t have to be a professional model you are working with – it can be a friend or a family member so that you gain confidence and find […]

How to pose a model: Part 1

Tweet Whenever you work with a model, you need to think about how to pose them.  Experienced models may be very good at posing and will move around with complete ease.  Normal people and less experienced models will need guidance from you because you are the person who can see what is happening in the […]

How to take a good self portrait Part 2

Tweet When taking a portrait of yourself, it’s important to have a stable place to put your camera and a way of seeing what you are doing.  We covered how to do this in the previous post – now here is more advice on how to do the best possible job. Related Posts Travel Photography […]

How to take a good self portrait Part 1

Tweet As a photographer, you get so used to being behind the camera that you may forget what its like to be in front of it.  Nevertheless, many photographers want to know how to take a picture of themselves and to get a stunning self portrait.  Keep reading to learn more about the best way […]

Working with Models Part 2

Tweet Working well with models is an important skill for any photographer to have – here are further ideas and tips on how to work well with people so that you get the best possible images. Related Posts Working With Photography Models (0) Working with Models Part 1 (0) Working With Models (0)

Working with Models Part 1

Tweet As a photographer, eventually you will probably have to work with models. This could be for a fashion or portraiture shoot, but you may also work with models in other genres of photographer, such as reportage and travel photography. You may also end up working with models if you are studying a photography course […]

Networking Sites for Photographers Part 2

Tweet Last time we had a look at the reasons why you would join a networking site as a photographer and how to get started.   Here are some sites that you can join and what to expect.  Many of the top networking sites on the web are free to join and instantly put you in […]

Networking Sites for Photographers Part 1

Tweet As a photographer, you should be looking for ways to get your work seen, shared and critiqued, as well as building contacts and connections with people around the world.  This is called networking, and the internet makes it easier than ever to link up with people around the world.  It isn’t something you have […]

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