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Organizing your Photographs – Part 2 (Digital Images)

Tweet Many digital photographers are finding that their image collection is growing faster than ever – when you have a memory card and no processing costs (as we once had with film) it’s tempting to shoot away to our hearts content. But what happens when we get that dreaded message from our computer?  Disk Space […]

Organizing your Photographs – Part 1 (Prints)

Tweet Sooner or later, any budding photographer is going to end up with a large and constantly growing collection of images. These days, with digital imaging, it’s a lot easier to save thousands and thousands of pictures – however a few years ago everything was done with film, negatives and prints. Some photographers (like those […]

Taking Photos on Christmas Day

Tweet Christmas Day is one of those days that take an incredible amount of energy, expense and time to organize. If it’s not cooking the dinner, its buying and wrapping presents – how are you supposed to find the time on Christmas day to take photographs?! But make the effort and you will have lots […]

Taking photos for Christmas Cards

Tweet Getting your own Christmas cards printed is a great way to add a personal touch.  These days you can upload your photography to various printing companies online and get a pack in quantities of 10 up to 100s.  Not only is it a nice treat for your friends and family, you can also make […]

How to: Submitting Photos

Tweet When we say ‘submitting’ photos, we mean giving out photos in a professional capacity. For example, submitting our images to a magazine for consideration. When submitting our work to a client to review, or entering a competition.  Although you may think it’s as easy as pressing ‘send’ or throwing a print into an envelope, […]

Safety & Photography – Personal

Tweet It may not be incredibly obvious, but whenever you are out and about with your camera taking photographs, you need to be alert. When you are using a SLR camera everyday it’s easy to forget that it’s an item of high value and that it can be of interest to a thief and being […]

Photography Equipment & Safety in different weather conditions

Tweet When you are out and about taking photographs, it may not occur to you just how important it is to be safe in extreme weather conditions.  Some places in the world are far more extreme than others but even when it’s a bit wet, or a bit hot, it pays to be cautious with […]

Freelance Success: Taking Portfolio Shots Part 3

Tweet Let’s say you have managed to find lots of people who want portfolio pictures taken, you have the suitable equipment and you have set your prices.  What other things does a budding photographer need to think about when taking portfolio shots for someone? 1.    Contracts When someone is hiring your services, such as in […]

Freelance Success: Taking Portfolio Shots Part 2

Tweet If you decide to start a business taking portfolio photos you will find a steady stream of customers arriving at your door once word of mouth gets rounds.  People who are happy with the service you provide will usually be happy to recommend you to their friends and before you know it, you will […]

Freelance Success: Taking Portfolio Shots Part 1

Tweet Portfolio shots are big business for photographers – there are plenty of people who want images for their folder and it’s relatively easy for a photographer to set up.  You can use a home studio or you can even go outdoors – all you need is a camera and some imagination. What kind of […]

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