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3 Fashion Photographers you should know Part 4

Tweet Today we will look at three more highly influential and important fashion and portrait photographers.  Their work is so well known and often crosses the lines of art and fashion, old and new and challenges viewer expectations. Here are three fashion photographers who are still alive and their work continues to inspire. 1.    Annie […]

3 Fashion Photographers you should know Part 3

Tweet Fashion Photography is always changing and although there are new photographers making a name for themselves all the time, there are also the seasoned experienced photographers that regularly feature in the most high end magazines like Vogue and Tatler because of their consistently striking images. Let’s take a look at three living Fashion photographers […]

3 Fashion Photographers you should know Part 2

Tweet When it comes to Fashion photography, some may argue that the genre is more frivolous than others.  But when we look at the type of work the best fashion photographers have created over the years, it’s clear that not only did the work they do inspire and revolutionize photography, but that they also documented […]

3 Fashion Photographers you should know – Part 1

Tweet Fashion photography may seem frivolous but these days, aside from the generic catalogue style shots, there are many high end fashion pictures that are considered as Art because of their creative ways of breaking of convention. Here are some fashion photographers to be inspired by from the past and the present.  Studying fashion photography […]

3 More Inspiring Landscape Photographers

Tweet If you love Landscape Photography, why not get inspired by looking at the work of some of the greats.  They may not be achievable for you now, but they will give you an idea of what the very best in Photography is and will give you something to aspire too.  Here is a look […]

3 Great Photographers You Should Know: Landscapes Pt 1

Tweet When you take up photography as a hobby or with dreams of become a professional, the chances are you were inspired by another photographer to begin with.  Many of us see powerful photographs every day, in books, magazines, cards, television and these enter our psyches, even if we don’t know it. So if you […]

Stock Photography Tips: Still Life

Tweet Still life images are very popular on stock libraries purely because they are useful for publishers. Still life images feature in books, magazines, websites and promotional materials. You don’t need to go out and buy lots of expensive things nor do you need any special set ups to get some useful shots. You need […]

Stock Photography Tips: Lifestyle Shots Part 2

Tweet What kind of genres and types of images should you try to take when photographing models for lifestyle shots?  Here are some more ideas on areas that are tried and tested. 1.    Families Another popular genre is having the family together.  You should for example show different generations – from children to grandparents doing […]

Stock Photography Tips: Lifestyle Shots Part 1

Tweet Have you ever noticed when reading a magazine or flicking through a brochure, how many of the images are ‘lifestyle’ images? Photographs of people doing things, talking to each other, sitting in the gardens, exercising, eating and reading together etc. These kinds of photographs may seem contrived and a bit corny, but they have […]

New Year, Fresh Start! Motivating the Photographer within – Part 3

Tweet There’s no excuse for not focusing on your photography this year – no matter who you are there’s always something worth taking pictures of – family, friends, pets, the city you live, the country you live in, special festive occasions, the food that you eat, the sky…the options are endless as long as you […]

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