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Make Money Through Photography

Tweet Photography is a wonderful hobby that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Although you don’t need to be wealthy to enjoy photography, it certainly helps when it comes time to purchase equipment. Let’s face it, photography can be quite expensive. So how does a person with limited means acquire new equipment? […]

Processing in High Dynamic Range

Tweet Here is an exciting software package to create interesting effects with your photographs. HDR Soft ( offers a software package called Photomatix, which combines a series of photographs into a single image while retaining the qualities of the individual photographs. Although the photographs appear surreal, they are actually not enhanced “lies” where improperly exposed […]

Keep or Crop

Tweet It is amazing how attached we become to our photographs. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer or a hobbyist, cutting elements from a composition can often be a difficult task. Call it photographer’s pride, or perhaps just a bit cautious, but removing elements from an images takes a keen eye and […]

Change Your Perspective

Tweet Creating interesting photographs does not need to be difficult. Oftentimes, the difference between an interesting shot and a boring one is a matter of perspective. There are many times when a straight-on head and shoulders shot is appropriate and well-deserving for your intention. However, straight-on shots are not very exciting. Straight shots tend to […]

Thinking Small

Tweet If you are looking for a variation to photography that is interesting and fun to publish, try photographing small objects, such as toy cars and action figures. This niche has become quite popular over the past years, especially amongst young adults. The concept is simple; make something small appear full-sized. The photograph in this […]

Tombstone Photography

Tweet It can be said that photographers are, in a sense, historical recorders. After all, photography is the art of capturing a very discrete moment in time and preserving that moment for as long as the photograph exists. Once the photograph has been destroyed, the moment can no longer be recreated. Take a moment to […]

Taking Baby Pictures

Tweet Perhaps one of the most challenging photography assignments to take on is photographing children. Overall, children can be quite difficult to work with, and who can blame them? After all, these little people are often dressed in outfits that although may be adorable in the eyes of the parent, the clothes may not be […]

Photography in the Caverns

Tweet While traveling through Virginia a couple years ago, my wife and I decided to take a side trip and visit Luray Caverns. My wife, who is not known to voluntarily enter closed-in spaces, reluctantly agreed to walk through the underground cavern. Being a self-proclaimed camera-nerd, I could not resist the temptation of taking along […]

Creative Photography

Tweet Creative photographers are unique within the photography world. This is not to say they are difficult to locate; they are all around us. They do not come from certain identifiable backgrounds, or have genetic qualities that make them different from others. In stead, they are unique in a manner that they have developed an […]

Understanding Metering

Tweet Modern camera systems have come far in recent years. Most SLR camera systems on the market now, be it digital or film-based, automate many of the processes that were strictly manual just a few years ago, such as automatic metering. In the not so distant past, metering was an essential process involving a variety […]

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