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Photographing Clouds

Tweet Photographing clouds is a favorite shot for photographers of all skill levels. Clouds are spontaneous in formation and can allure photographers who love to capture images of nature. You can take pictures of the clouds any time of year as long as the weather cooperates and you have a safe location to shoot from. […]

Enhancing Eyes

Tweet This time of year photo opportunities abound, and with that come the challenges of taking pictures that capture a person’s true beauty. Thankfully, with a few tricks using photo enhancing software you can erase the less flattering details and create images that are more polished. One of the most common problems photographers face is […]

Holiday Family Photo Tips

Tweet With the holidays fast approaching families will be gathering together to celebrate. The upcoming holidays are a great opportunity to create a family photo that will capture this special time. Unfortunately, there can be many challenges to creating an ideal family photo such as misbehaving children, wardrobe issues, and simple the number of subjects […]

Embracing Low Light Photography

Tweet Photographers frequently battle the persistent issue of low light as many believe low light limits the quality of the image they are trying to capture. But in actuality, low light can be used to your advantage. Low light can help you explore techniques and discover a new way to portray your subject. Low light photography can create images […]

OptimumCS Joins the App Market

Tweet The frenzy to create an iPhone app continues with the latest professional photography app to become available. OptimumCS, the Optimum Camera Settings calculator for professional and enthusiast photographers is available now on iPhone and iPod Touch. Particularly designed for landscape, architectural, travel and any other photography where maximum sharpness over a large depth of […]

Adding Length to Landscapes

Tweet Accurately capturing the vastness of a landscape scene is one of the greatest limitations of photography, and frequently troubles photographers. Adding a sense of length to landscape imagery may not be as difficult as you think. By making simple adjustments to your location, bringing the right equipment, and being willing to crop your images […]

Gorillamobile for iPhone 4

Tweet If you have experimented with taking pictures with your iPhone, you will be amazed at the useful equipment and apps that have been popping up lately. Joby, the world-renowned designer of the best-selling Gorillapod line of innovative camera tripods has launched a powerful tool for the creative iPhone 4 user. Gorillamobile has been entirely […]

The Perfect Headshot

Tweet The perfect headshot is vital for any actor’s career. Headshots are used as part of the application process for actors and a good headshot can help secure the much needed audition. Photographers interested in taking headshots should be aware of a few tips to make the final headshot outstanding.  Although there are many tips […]

Improving Autumn Pictures

Tweet The autumn weather is all around, and many of us are heading outdoors to enjoy photographing the beauty of the season. There are lots of tips available to help you capture the best images of the autumn weather, check our previous post for more tips, but you might still find yourself struggling to attain the […]

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