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How to Get Sharp Photographs

Tweet We all know the dreadful feeling of taking a series of seemingly great photographs, only to take them back to the computer, download them, and realize that most of them did not come out because they are blurry. The human brain does not like things that are blurry. We are used to our world […]

Shooting Video with Digital SLRs

Tweet In the past year there has been quite a change regarding the use of still digital SLR cameras. Talk to any video professional, and they all have their ears very closely tuned monitoring the situation of shooting HD video with digital SLR cameras. Previously, because of the mechanical nature of digital SLRs, it was […]

How to Get Killer Depth of Field

Tweet Bokeh is the technical name for the beautiful soft, velvety, seductive out of focus areas that are often seen in photographs with shallow depth of field. Depending on your intentions when photographing, soft bokeh can be extremely desirable in photos. It is often used as a device to focus attention in a photograph, and […]

Online Photography Forums

Tweet Photography can be a lonely activity. You may be in a group of other photographers, but when you take the shot, it’s just you and your camera. It’s always great to be able to share your passions with others who feel the same way, but often not easy. Related Posts Want to test your […]

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