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Zen and Photography

Tweet Photography is much like a Swiss army knife of visual artistic mediums. Photography can be loud and obnoxious, it can make you stare, make you gawk, and make your head spin. It can be high impact, in your face and unavoidable. To me, the best photographs are understated. The beauty of art is that […]

Sports Photography

Tweet Do you have quick reflexes, a sharp eye, and great technical camera skills? Sports photography might be right for you. Sports photographers take photographs of all different types and kinds of sports. From the Olympics to the local football games, wherever there is quick action on the sports field, both offer great opportunities to […]

Wedding Photography

Tweet At some point in your photography career, you may be asked by some willing, potential beau to photograph a wedding. Wedding photographers have to be jacks-of-all-trades. You have to know a lot about many different photographic disciplines, and by the way, you only get one chance at it. There’s no chance to reshoot. Also, […]

Street Photography

Tweet Photography on the streets is exciting because it is both candid and beautiful. Street photography allows you to capture the fleeting moments of people’s lives and instill them in the photographic medium. Why are people attracted to this medium? It’s because when we take to the streets, we live a different life they we […]

Animal Photography

Tweet Photographing animals is one of the most exciting forms of photography that photographers engage in. The challenge and excitement of photographing animals is a thrill for many photographers. It can also be one of the most challenging forms of photography. As they say in the film world, children and animals are two of the […]

Travel Photography

Tweet Travel photography combines two of my favorite things, traveling, and photography. They are two unique experiences that make a great team! Travel is great because it allows you to see different places, experience new cultures, and get a new perspective on your world. Photography is great because it allows you to capture all of […]

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