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Making Money In Photography

Tweet My definition of a professional photographer is figuring out a way to get paid to take pictures.  It sounds flip, but it’s not meant to be.  Making a living from photography means thinking differently about the business.  You’ll be trying to break into an industry where the traditional avenues of making a living are […]

Urban Photography

Tweet Some of my favorite subjects are big cities and crowded places.  I love the vibe of urban landscapes and being able to freeze a moment in a hectic urban lifestyle.  Another advantage is urban dwellers have a certain cultivated insulation from distractions.  So a photographer taking pictures barely raises an eyebrow, those that even […]

Rule of Thirds

Tweet Today I’d like to step back and review one of the basic rules of composition.  Normally, I’m not big on rules.  Truth be told I have a tendency to flout rules, particularly in photography, because that’s part of developing your style and challenging perceptions. But the rule of thirds is one of those that […]

Panorama Photography

Tweet Panoramic Photography Sometimes a scene is just too big for a single frame.  If you switch to a wide angle lens, suddenly the subject looks a million miles away.  Time for a panorama.  There are all kinds of specialized cameras for taking ultra-wide angle pictures.  If you have a spare $35,000 laying around, you […]

Wedding Photography

Tweet I haven’t done an article on wedding photography in a long time because it’s been a while since I shot one.  It’s one of the first bread-and-butter markets most photographers venture into first, and, for people like me, one they work diligently to get out of.  That is one of the ironies from the […]

Your Photography Studio

Tweet If you have some extra space, the logical course is to build your own.  A lot of people suggest renting, which is fine if you live somewhere rental studios are available.  If you live outside a major market, chances are slim of finding one advertised. That means building one.  Unless you’re a professional and […]

Understanding Color Temperature

Tweet Color temperature is a theory that underlies all of photography.  More to the point, it’s the basis for the relationship between light, color and temperature.  To understand that relationship, we’re going to need to take brief detour into quantum physics. Light has a temperature equivalent because of something called blackbody radiation.  A term first […]

More Indispensable Gear

Tweet There are three things on a photography assignment I can’t live without: One is my camera, which would be obvious, the other is my photography vest, which is basically a wearable camera bag, and the third is my monopod. Your Vest Picking a vest is the most important accessory you’ll own as a photographer. […]

Necessary Accessory

Tweet Bringing home your shiny new DSLR is a proud moment.  You’re poorer by a couple grand, or more, but you’re not done yet.  There are a handful of accessories you’ll need to protect and extend the functionality of your new DSLR camera.  LCD Screen Protector Usually less than $20, these are cheap insurance for […]

Help me pick my next flash

Tweet This may seem like a switch, me asking you for help.  But even the pros need to bounce ideas off one another from time to time and this is one of those times.  I got my Canon 7D last year and haven’t gotten around to getting a new flash.  But I’m going to need […]

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