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Protect Your Gear

Tweet As fall approaches, this is a good time to start thinking about protecting your gear from winter’s eventual assault.  The season for snow, salt, rain and a general assault of the elements will be upon us.There are a few cameras that are designed to tolerate the rigors of the elements better than others.  Cameras […]

Three Trends In The Photography Business

Tweet Speculating about the future of any industry is frequently folly as the future has a way of making fools of us all. The future of photography is particularly difficult to divine because there are so many variables and so many different directions the field could go.  But here are three trends that I think […]

Sony Swings At Canon with SLT-A77

Tweet Sony seems to be taking a shot at chipping away at the DSLR market leaders by introducing two new DSLR models that sport some high end features. While I don’t think either Canon or Nikon are laying awake nights worrying about the consumer electronics giant siphoning off business, Sony’s offering is a good first […]

GE Digital Cameras

Tweet Not satisfied with jet engines and light bulbs, it turns out GE makes digital cameras, too.  Who knew?  After looking into it, turns out they’re some fairly decent cameras and they’re priced right.  They do come with some limitations but, if you can live with them, you can get a decent camera at a […]

Attack of The Small Cameras

Tweet For better or worse, there is a new line of small cameras with interchangeable lenses trying to challenge traditional DSLRs.  The new cameras are smaller, lighter and faster than larger DSLRs, but still manage to squeeze in a big chip behind good glass.  The pictures are quite amazing for cameras of such small size. […]

Back To School Photography

Tweet Ah, fall.  Back to school time for junior photographers.  Back to school means traveling to a new city for a lot of students, you’ll want to take a lot of pictures.  I’ve never been anywhere and wished I’d taken fewer pictures, especially college. You’ll want something to keep those pictures on and for post-processing […]

Next Generation DSLRs

Tweet In photography it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on what’s coming over the technology horizon.  This is a business that moves fast and you have to keep up.  If you’re camera is over five years old, it’s time to pay special attention. There are some exciting developments in the next generation […]

Club and Concert Photography

Tweet Club and band photography poses unique challenges for any photographer and is frequently one of the first paying gigs many land.  I still shoot the occasional club or concert, though now only if there’s a news angle to it. You’ll face a few challenges that you’ll need to plan for in advance.  The first […]

5 Myths About Professional Photography

Tweet I meet a lot of photographers and I meet a lot of people who pretend to be photographers.  Most of the time I can tell them apart at a glance, sometimes it takes two or three minutes of conversation to figure out, but usually I can tell just by looking. There are myths about […]

Best Flickr Groups for New Photographers

Tweet The best way to get better as a photographer is to hang out with other photographers, and it’s fun.  You’ll learn a lot, make new friends, and pick up a lot of pro tips that will serve you well in your journey in the photography business. Recently Flickr announced their 6 billionth picture being […]

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