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How Smartphones Are Changing Photography

Tweet Smartphones are changing photography, of that there is no longer any doubt. Statistics on Flickr are clear that the most popular camera is the one people already have with them. In this case, the iPhone 4s.  Beyond the mere carrying convenience is the ease that smartphone and cell phone photos can be shared. A […]

Backing Up Your Photos

Tweet If you have all your photos on one device or if you’re counting on Google, Facebook or an online service like Photobucket to keep copies of your photos you are one disaster away from seeing all your photos wiped out. Data management is one of those things that sneaks up in your photography career. […]

Five Dark Secrets of Professional Photography

Tweet I’m going to share some of the dirty little secrets of professional photography, things we all know are true but don’t necessarily ever admit, even to ourselves. This isn’t downing professional photography, not at all. I’m just trying to inject a little perspective. Photography tends to be a lone wolf kind of occupation and […]

Better Animal Photography

Tweet Working with animals is frustrating and time consuming, but well worth the effort if you want to make extra money from your photography. I was going to take pictures for a local animal rescue group and not only helped place some animals in need of a home, but I picked up several referrals from […]

An Introduction To DSLR Video

Tweet It’s not unusual these days for still photographers and videographers to be using the exact same cameras and lenses. That tempts many still photographers into thinking all they have to do to get great video is flip the selector switch to the little movie camera and fire away. Some of you may have discovered […]

Five Tips For Better Cell Phone Pictures

Tweet The statistics on Flickr and other image sharing sites are clear that the most popular camera out there is the iPhone 4. In some ways it was inevitable that cell phones would start dominating the point and shoot market. Never underestimate the market power of convenience. While cell phone cameras may not offer the […]

Five Tips For Beginning Photographers

Tweet There are a lot of people with no desire to become professional photographers who would still like to improve their personal photography. In fact, according to the feedback I get from local photography instructors, the majority of people taking classes are hobbyists. For most of you that means you’d really like tips that will […]

Olympus Unveils New Mirrorless OM-D EM-5

Tweet Olympus launched a new Micro Four-Thirds camera, the OM-D E-M5, the first new model apart from the Pen series and featuring a new line of interchangeable lenses. The OM-D E-M5 is styled like a smaller version of the old Olympus OM-1 SLR cameras, down to the control knob in roughly the same position as […]

The Art of Post Processing

Tweet These days being a good photographer isn’t enough, you have to be a good photographer and a wizard at post processing. To demonstrate what a difference master post processing can make, I went to my friend Aaron Rosen out at Pixel-Mesh in sunny California to see how they turn a somewhat ordinary photo from […]

Nikon’s Mind-Blowing D800 Specs

Tweet Nikon definitely made a splash in the photography world with the introduction of the D800 and D800E . The D800 series raises the bar on resolution and makes a play for Canon’s DSLR video business. Priced competitively with the Canon 5D MK II, the D800 delivers an eye-popping 36.3-megapixel image weighing in at over […]

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