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How To Grow As a Photographer

Tweet One of the questions you face when you’ve been doing photography a while is how to get to the next level as a photographer. Sometimes, looking at Flickr or Instagram, it’s easy to get depressed when you see the amazing photos on other feeds. And it doesn’t do any good for me to tell […]

Dealing With Spring Showers

Tweet “It was just misting,’ my friend rued when telling me the story of how he killed his Canon camera. He was shooting a wedding when it was raining most of the day. He was doing fine shooting indoors when they got the briefest break in the clouds and wanted to get some outside shots. […]

Dealing With Photography Data Loss

Tweet In business, just like in life, there will be what I call “oh crap” moments. In the photography business those moments tend to happen when you lose photos. There’s a tendency by some to look back on film days like picture loss didn’t happen back then. Wrong! I probably lost way more pictures to […]

Shooting For Stock Photography

Tweet In the old days stock photographs were the leftovers from your shooting day. You were already paying the model, hair and makeup so it was pretty trivial to get your bread and butter shots for the client and then shoot some extra for stock. Over time photographers started shooting more and more stock. It […]

5 Composition Tips From The Pros

Tweet When you spend any amount of time browsing pictures, you quickly learn that 99 percent of them are boring. In the old days, when I was a new at the business, you needed some technical skill to take great photos. You had to do things like bracket exposures and use different filters, depending upon […]

Phone Cameras – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Truth

Tweet If you go to Flickr, or almost any other photo oriented social media site, it’s inevitable that the number one camera will be an iPhone. In fact, in the recent data, every single one of the top five most popular cameras are phone cameras. There have been photo shoots with professional models done with […]

Tips For Better Street Photography

Tweet The term “street photography” has gotten a bad rap over the years. For too many it means taking street portraits of people who don’t necessarily want to have their pictures taken. While it can be that, I prefer to think of street photography simply as drifting along with the tide of humanity and taking […]

5 Pro Tips For New Photographers

Tweet As it happens every year at this same time, there will be millions of people getting a new camera over the next couple days. They will discover rather quickly that even a good camera can take average pictures. There will be head scratching and some frustration. To help get new photographers over that first […]

Five Bizarre Ways You Can Lose Digital Photos

Tweet About a month ago I had a moment of horror. When copying some picture files from my camera to the backup drive, for some inexplicable reason the file copy burped and overwrote an older picture with a newer one but kept the file name for the old photo! That picture was gone. It wasn’t […]

Take Great Pictures With That New Camera Today

Tweet With Christmas coming up on us fast a lot of you will be getting new cameras and some of you will be getting your first camera. While it’s a good idea to spend some time reading the manual, I understand well the siren song of new toys. A better strategy might be giving you […]

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