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5 Simple Photography Hacks That Are Serioiusly Useful

Tweet Anyone in the photography business has a handful of go-to tricks they use in various shooting situations. Some of them were born of necessity, others are cost-saving hacks because why spend money if there’s no need? If you shoot in enough venues and in enough stressful situations, you’ll start developing tricks and habits of […]

Natural Light Portraits

Tweet Anytime I hear someone call themselves a “natural light photographer” what I hear in my mind is, “too cheap to buy strobes.” But that’s not entirely fair and, truth be told, I’m kind of a big fan of natural light myself. Although, in a majority of cases, I end up using a mix of […]

The Basic Holiday Family Photo Guide

Tweet For once I remembered to bring this topic up far enough of Halloween and the holidays that you’ll have time to practice these techniques before the day actually arrives when you’ll need them. I’m going to give you the secret techniques to take better holiday photos that will amaze your family, friends and Instagram […]

Using Social Media To Promote Your Photography

Tweet Social media is here to stay and there’s no getting around it or escaping its reach anymore. Believe me, I tried. I hated on Instagram for years, mainly because of filters that take average photographs and turn them into cheap, tacky looking crappy photographs. Then I discovered that using those filters is optional and […]

Basic Photography Composition

Tweet It’s good to review basic composition once in a while because when you’re out taking pictures you tend to shoot what you already know. Humans are creatures of habit and it’s also natural to get into a rut. That’s fine most of the time, but to get the really interesting shots you need a […]

Four Big Mistakes Of Rookie Photographers

Tweet We all look back on our careers when we get a bit older and realize we made mistakes. You’ll go through the same thing in photography, whether you do it for a living or as a hobby. Some day you’ll look back and think, “Why did I do that?” Maybe you’ll even feel a […]

3 Filters That Should Be In Every Camera Bag

Tweet In the old days of film every photographer carried around a little packet of filters. There were filters for shooting daylight balanced film under fluorescent lights, for shooting daylight film under tungsten lights, for warming up cloudy days and cutting out some of the sun on really bright days. Sometimes you were switching filters […]

Three Photo Editing Apps For Android

Tweet When it comes to photography apps, the biggest market for developers is in mobile applications. Consequently, we’re seeing an explosion of applications aimed at photographers. Some of them are useful, some are just fun. There are tons to pick from. Trying to pick just three from the hundreds is a challenge and this isn’t […]

Take Pictures of Everything, Anything

Tweet So many times photographers get so wrapped up with the idea of being a photographer that sometimes they forget to take pictures. They’ll get wrapped up in lenses, lighting and the craft of taking amazing pictures and sometimes overlook the simple fun of just taking a snapshot. What got me thinking about that was […]

In Praise Of Photography Umbrellas

Tweet My absolute favorite photography light is an umbrella. Oh, sure, I’ll use a softbox if the job calls for it, but it’s not my first choice, especially for lighting people. The reason I like umbrellas is precisely because they’re an imperfect light source. They don’t provide a smooth, even light, a good umbrella bends […]

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