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Six Tips For New Photographers

Tweet We were all new once, though that’s sometimes hard to remember when confronted by the aloof snobbery of some professional photographers. As if sharing some tips with a new generation of photographers would somehow diminish their lofty creations. When you judge photo contests and review the work of people new to photography there are […]

Basic Five Point Studio Lighting

Tweet For this article I needed a studio and the assistance of a full time studio photographer, so I turned to Karl Leopold at down in Melbourne Beach, FL. Karl was gracious enough to help out with this article and lend his expertise. Last time we covered basic three point studio lighting today we’re […]

When Do I Need a Model Release?

Tweet One of the biggest areas of confusion I run into as a photographer is when model releases are necessary. There is a lot of misinformation out there and quite a few people willing to make up the rules to fit their preference at the time. First, a disclaimer. This is not intended to be […]

My Budget Portable Lighting Rig For Under $250

Tweet Some of you may remember the article a while back about the portable lighting setup my professional wedding photographer buddy at uses. A few of you might have become depressed when adding up the price tag you realized that rig came to over $1,800.00 USD. Ouch. Many of you can’t afford that, many […]

Top Tips For Better Holiday Pictures

Tweet The holiday seasons are approaching and that means it’s time to review the holiday photo basics.  Unless you really like your computer to be loaded with distant shots of uncomfortable looking people, time to shake up the holiday photo sessions. Get In Close If you can see your subject’s feet in the frame when […]

Wedding Photographer’s Survival Kit

Tweet The most stressful photography job imaginable is wedding photography.  There’s a reason most photographers who have been doing it for years charge a lot of money.  Not only is it stressful at the time, it can be really stressful after the fact when it comes out that you missed the shot of the bride […]

Protect Your Gear

Tweet As fall approaches, this is a good time to start thinking about protecting your gear from winter’s eventual assault.  The season for snow, salt, rain and a general assault of the elements will be upon us.There are a few cameras that are designed to tolerate the rigors of the elements better than others.  Cameras […]

Make Money Through Photography

Tweet Photography is a wonderful hobby that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Although you don’t need to be wealthy to enjoy photography, it certainly helps when it comes time to purchase equipment. Let’s face it, photography can be quite expensive. So how does a person with limited means acquire new equipment? […]

Keep or Crop

Tweet It is amazing how attached we become to our photographs. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer or a hobbyist, cutting elements from a composition can often be a difficult task. Call it photographer’s pride, or perhaps just a bit cautious, but removing elements from an images takes a keen eye and […]

Change Your Perspective

Tweet Creating interesting photographs does not need to be difficult. Oftentimes, the difference between an interesting shot and a boring one is a matter of perspective. There are many times when a straight-on head and shoulders shot is appropriate and well-deserving for your intention. However, straight-on shots are not very exciting. Straight shots tend to […]

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