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Beach Shots

Tweet Millions of people flock to the beach every summer…and who can blame them. Lying on the sand in the summer sun is a passion for many beach goers. There are tons of activities to enjoy and if you get too hot, a refreshing dip in the water is close at hand. With all the […]

5 Tips for Summer Photography: The Beach

Tweet Think of the summer and then think of the ideal location for the hot weather – the Beach.  Not just a place for relaxing and sunbathing, the beach can provide a fantastic location for taking photographs. It can be of the water, of the landscape or of the people.  Make sure you are well […]

Beach Photography

Tweet One of the most photographed scenes in the world is the beach scene. The reason is that (a) the locale is beautiful by nature, (b) people are usually relaxed and having fun and are not “stiff” and (c) a combination of the first two reasons. This means that beach photography can be either landscape […]

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