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Focus On The Important Elements In Photography

Tweet I’m not talking about focusing the image, that’s one of the technical aspects of the business you should be able to pick up on your own. I’m talking about the elements of photography you should focus on to bring the biggest improvements to your work. I see it all the time, people stressing over […]

Portrait Lighting On $100

Tweet In the last few months I’ve covered basic three point lighting and five point lighting but what about those of you who can’t afford to lay out that kind of cash for gear or don’t have enough space for a studio? I decided to put together a portrait lighting package that anyone with $100 […]

Studio Lighting

Tweet Stepping into the studio for the first time can be a bit overwhelming for even the most seasoned on-location photographer. The studio has all sorts of mystique about it. It’s a bit like a hi-tech laboratory for photographs. Everything is supposed to be sanitary and perfect. Nothing in the studio is left to chance; […]

Understanding your Camera: Flash Modes

Tweet These days SLR and compact digital cameras offer a number of flash modes to choose from.  Flash is incredibly useful if you can master the way you use it.  A separate flashgun will always be ore flexible than an on camera flash but not something that you may all you have access to.  Here […]

So, really, when should I use the flash?

Tweet So you’ve just seen the most wonderful photo opportunity jump right out in front of you and scream to have it’s picture taken. The baby is just so cute, and it’s got this HUGE smile, and even has a little grin on it’s face. You grab your trusty camera, flip it on and start […]

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