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Four Cameras Made To Travel For The Holidays

Tweet Traveling with photography gear is always a tradeoff between weight and quality. While taking pictures with your cell phone is darn convenient, it doesn’t always deliver the quality you’d like to have. On the flip side, hauling your full size DSLR through airports and on planes is back-breaking insanity unless it’s a paying job. […]

Four Cameras That Travel

Tweet Summer is the season the northern hemisphere is gearing up for vacation. Many people are searching for a travel camera that’s better than the one in their phone but not as big and heavy as full size DSLR. You’re in luck there because even relatively modest digital cameras these days take pretty amazing pictures, […]

Getting Started With Flash Photography

Tweet The two things you’ll want to get right away with your new DSLR camera are a decent tripod and an external flash. While picking out a tripod is fairly straightforward for most applications, choosing an external flash presents people new to photography with a blizzard of confusing choices. Many people simply pick the name […]

Five Pro Photography Tips You Can Use Right Now

Tweet You don’t have to be a professional photographer to shoot like one. There are also a few tips the pros use that you copy right now without spending a lot of money. A few of these tips you can pick up just by watching a pro photographer work. While you may not be able […]

I Got a New Camera! Now What?

Tweet This time of year it’s not unusual to be bombarded with questions about what accessories to get with a new camera. Those can be difficult questions to answer because it depends on what type of camera you got, the brand and what type of photography interests you the most. Fortunately, there are a few […]

Eye-Popping Discount on Canon 5D MK II

Tweet B&H Photo is offering a jaw-dropping deal on the Canon 5D MK II, with a body-only price under $2,000 USD and it comes with a 16 GB CF card. That’s the lowest price I’ve seen on 5D MK II and if you’ve been thinking about getting a full frame DSLR, this is a great […]

The New Breed of Super Zooms

Tweet Aimed square at parents on the sidelines of their kid’s sports events, featuring zooms that are able to get right in the middle of the action from the relative comfort of the bleachers. The other market for these cameras are weekend bird watchers and others who need light weight cameras with the ability to […]

Prime Lenses vs Zoom – What’s all the fuss?

Tweet In the early days of photography, your camera probably had a single fixed focal length lens (FFL).  As cameras and optics design improved manufacturers started producing variable focal length lenses, named after their most famous attribute: The ability to zoom in on a subject.  Since then photographers have been fighting about which is better. […]

Shooting Video with Digital SLRs

Tweet In the past year there has been quite a change regarding the use of still digital SLR cameras. Talk to any video professional, and they all have their ears very closely tuned monitoring the situation of shooting HD video with digital SLR cameras. Previously, because of the mechanical nature of digital SLRs, it was […]

Canon-mount 35mm Macro Postponed

Tweet Japanese manufacturer of photographic lenses Tokina Co., Ltd. had recently announced the release of the Canon Mounted Tokina’s AT-X M35 PRO DX 35mm F2.8 lens .The company is now revealing that it will be delayed. The wide angle macro lens was supposed to be available on December 21st this year,but it was pushed back […]

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