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Phone Cameras – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Truth

Tweet If you go to Flickr, or almost any other photo oriented social media site, it’s inevitable that the number one camera will be an iPhone. In fact, in the recent data, every single one of the top five most popular cameras are phone cameras. There have been photo shoots with professional models done with […]

Taking Your Camera With You Everywhere

Tweet For many people hauling a camera with them in the age of the iPhone 4S is no longer necessary. For many others the 8-megapixel camera in their phone, while a vast improvement over most other camera phones, just doesn’t make it from an image quality standpoint. Serious photographers want more camera to take along. […]

Five Tips For Better Cell Phone Pictures

Tweet The statistics on Flickr and other image sharing sites are clear that the most popular camera out there is the iPhone 4. In some ways it was inevitable that cell phones would start dominating the point and shoot market. Never underestimate the market power of convenience. While cell phone cameras may not offer the […]

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