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Insider Tips For Better Photography

Tweet I wish there was a magic formula for better pictures but there just isn’t one. There are tips like the Golden Mean and Rule of Thirds which will help with framing and some of the technical aspects of composition. Really, the best anyone can do is pass on a few of the most helpful […]

Five Things That Should Be In Every Camera Bag

Tweet What’s in your camera bag is nearly as important as the camera you carry, but the problem becomes choosing what should be with you all the time. That’s an important question because it dictates the size and style of your camera bag and limits options for transporting your gear. Sometimes you just don’t want […]

Summer Photography Accessories

Tweet Spring and summer are great times to be out shooting. Long days and warmer temperatures mean you have more daylight to work with and can hike out to where the really amazing photos hide. Because waiting for golden hour can mean being out late, there are some accessories for spring and summer shooting you’ll […]

Summer Photography Tips

Tweet The summer vacation season is charging up on us in a hurry this year with summer temperatures exerting themselves in the middle of winter. Summer travel means it’s time to review tips and tricks for taking photos on the road. Great photos start with having the right equipment and one of those things you’ll […]

ND Filter or Polarizer?

Tweet If you’re a DSLR shooter, there are two indispensable filters you should have in your bag: One is a circular polarizer and the other is an adjustable ND filter or a set of ND filters. Which of those you choose will likely depend on whether you shoot more stills or more video. As we’ve […]

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