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Tips For New Wedding Photographers

Tweet We’ve talked about it being a bad idea to take on a wedding without any experience and clauses you should have in your contracts. At least a few of you will be setting out for your first weddings as the primary photographer this year, for better or worse. There are a few tips on […]

Understanding Photography Contracts

Tweet There are two types of photographers in the world: Those who have been burned for not having a contract and those who are going to get burned for not having a contract. Before you launch into the business of photography it is recommended that you have your contracts reviewed by an actual lawyer for […]

Dealing With Client Expectations In Professional Photography

Tweet Some of the least fun aspects of working as a professional photographer are the tasks associated with customer suport. While a few clients will be clear and reasonable about their expectations, those type of customers are, unfortunately, the clear minority. All the same, your success as a small business entrepreneur will depend upon this […]

Turning Pro Part 8: Legal

Tweet Professional photographers have to think about the legal aspects of running a business.  You have to think about various things like contracts and copyrights.  Here’s an introduction into some of the things you will have to consider: Related Posts Understanding Photography Contracts (0) Tips For New Wedding Photographers (0) Dealing With Client Expectations In […]

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