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Taking Energetic Photographs of the City

Tweet Whether you are home or away for the summer, it’s a great time to get out there and capture some vibrant, interesting shots of the city.  What does this mean?  It means looking for something different in the ordinary and learning to capture movement without making your photograph look unpolished and ‘an accident’.  Its […]

Creative Camera Movement Part 3

Tweet When you shoot creative movement you need suitable equipment for the job.  This means that you need to make some investments, although you can buy many of these items for good prices second hand, or from auction sites online.  Shop around and make sure you camera is compatible with the accessories you buy. Here […]

Creative Camera Movement Part 2

Tweet Last time we looked at the basics of shooting creative movement.  This time we can look at specific scenarios that are the most popular subjects for creative movement, such as water, wind and techniques such as panning the camera for an even more dynamic effect.  Certain subjects work well for creative movement, but the […]

Creative Camera Movement Part 1

Tweet Blur, traditionally, is a pain for new photographers.  You think you have capture the dream image only to get home and find unwanted lines of blur than ruin the photograph.  But don’t forget that blur can be a creative tool that adds dramatic effects and emotion to an image. The key to creating successful […]

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