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Five Key Elements In Quality Photography

Tweet There may be something arbitrary about reducing a fantastic image to just five elements, and yet if images are missing any of these key elements they rarely rise to prominence. Leaving aside the chicken and egg discussion about whether the important qualities came first or if they were drawn from examining popular photographs, we […]

Invest In Quality Lighting

Tweet   Last time we talked about the habit of amateur photographers and even a few pros, to fret incessantly about minor differences in cameras. For many people new to the business, if they have a $5,000 equipment budget, they’re going to put $4,999.99 of it into the camera. Personally, I think that’s a mistake. […]

Three Critical Elements In Great Photography

Tweet Let me admit right up front that limiting the critical elements of photography to just three is a little arbitrary. There are many critical elements that go into great photography, but what I’m trying to do is bring attention to important elements that are frequently overlooked. Too many people waste a fantastic amount of […]

Going Manual

Tweet There is a debate that wanders through photography from time to time that pits people who insist that to be a great photographer you have to shoot in manual mode against people who like the convenience of the automatic camera settings. In the early days it was no contest; camera light meters were center-weighted […]

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