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Four Must Have Lenses For Wedding Photography (Canon Version)

Tweet Since it’s wedding season, I thought I’d cover the second most common question I get and that’s what kind of lens to get for shooting a wedding. This is one of those brand-centric topics that will be different depending on whether you shoot Canon or Nikon. This will be the Canon version. That’s no […]

Four Tips For Better Group Shots

Tweet There are probably more group shots on the internet and photo sharing services than any other type of picture. And the vast majority of them are going to be a loosely organized mob of people thrown together in uncomfortable closeness for a few quick frames of unimaginative poses punctuated by forced, half-hearted smiles. Painful […]

Get Better Photos Right Out Of The Box

Tweet Considering there will be a slew of new DSLRs and digital cameras under the Christmas tree this year, this seemed like a good time to review guidelines for basic composition. We’ve already talked about what to do after unboxing your new camera for the first time, and now is a good time to review […]

Get Better Holiday Photos Now

Tweet Many of you will be buying new cameras before launching out on holiday vacations, many more will be getting new cameras for Christmas. For the love of all things good in the world please don’t flood Facebook and social media sites with millions of the same horrible family photos that look like auditions for […]

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