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8 Tips For Reigniting Your Photography Passion

Tweet It happens to all of us at some point, that camera gets heavier and heavier, life gets busy and one day you realize it’s been a month since you’ve taken any pictures. In my experience creative jobs tend to have a higher burnout factor due to the constant need for finding new ways to […]

Four Qualities Of Professional Photographers

Tweet When photographers get together, you can always spot the amateurs but not always because of the equipment they carry. One of the most successful wedding photographers I know personally shoots with a Canon T2i. He’s got a $3,000 lens, but the camera body is pretty modest. His photos are everything brides expect to get […]

My Budget Portable Lighting Rig For Under $250

Tweet Some of you may remember the article a while back about the portable lighting setup my professional wedding photographer buddy at uses. A few of you might have become depressed when adding up the price tag you realized that rig came to over $1,800.00 USD. Ouch. Many of you can’t afford that, many […]

Photography On Location

Tweet Location photography is fun but packing for a location job takes some planning. Your lighting setup needs to be fast and portable, especially if you’re working in a public space. Nothing attracts attention like big soft boxes in a park or on the beach. When planning for a location shoot, there are a few […]

Lighting For Wedding Photography

Tweet If you’ve ever seen a wedding photographer with a single flash mounted on the hot shoe of the camera, you can guess that lighting arrangement isn’t going to give them much latitude or a lot of creativity, regardless of how good the camera and flash combination may be. In some situations there is no […]

Studio Lighting

Tweet Stepping into the studio for the first time can be a bit overwhelming for even the most seasoned on-location photographer. The studio has all sorts of mystique about it. It’s a bit like a hi-tech laboratory for photographs. Everything is supposed to be sanitary and perfect. Nothing in the studio is left to chance; […]

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