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Thinking Small

Tweet If you are looking for a variation to photography that is interesting and fun to publish, try photographing small objects, such as toy cars and action figures. This niche has become quite popular over the past years, especially amongst young adults. The concept is simple; make something small appear full-sized. The photograph in this […]

Photographing Wildflowers

Tweet Outdoor photography has always been one of my favorite activities. Of all the things to see in the world, I find wildflowers to be one of my favorite subjects to photograph. Wildflowers have a way of displaying a unique beauty that can make even the most fledgling photographer look like a pro. Wildflower photographers […]

Up-Close Encounters of the Macro Kind

Tweet Have you ever marveled at those pictures of close-up objects where you can’t hardly even tell what it is you’re looking at? Or what about those amazing shots of the rainbow colored insects that seem almost as if they were a life-size animal caught roaming the underbrush of some far away jungle. All of […]

Macro Photography

Tweet Just about every digital P&S camera today has a macro mode which allows it to focus in on a subject that is extremely close to the lens. Some models only let you get as close as 5 inches but others will allow you to shoot up to half an inch to your subject. The […]

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