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5 Tips For New Photographers

Tweet One thing I’ve noticed in life is that the best friend the older you will ever have in life is the younger you. The photography choices that you make right now will can help or hinder the photography experience you’ll have in a few years. So, I sat down one day and asked myself, […]

Pricing Professional Photography Jobs

Tweet One of the ongoing challenges in professional photography is setting your prices. Charge too much and you won’t have enough customers, charge too little and you can end up not eating. First accept that there are always going to be people willing to undercut your prices. While you need to be competitive in your […]

Setting Up Your Professional Photography Portfolio

Tweet One of the most time-consuming endeavors for any new photographer is putting together your portfolio. You’ll read a lot of discussions about how to display your photos online and whether you should use Flash or no Flash and whether hosted is better or rolling your own. It’s all nonsense of course, another discussion of […]

Five Secrets of Professional Photographers

Tweet Many people aspire to being a professional photographer but few will ever make it. A small subset of the total will actually make some money. Out of that small subset who manages to make money, an even smaller percentage will actually end up making their living from photography. There are certain qualities which separate […]

Make Money Through Photography

Tweet Photography is a wonderful hobby that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Although you don’t need to be wealthy to enjoy photography, it certainly helps when it comes time to purchase equipment. Let’s face it, photography can be quite expensive. So how does a person with limited means acquire new equipment? […]

Hints when using a stock photo library

Tweet Signing up to a Photo Library to sell your prints is an exciting thing to do. Always stay organized and do your homework – get yourself a file to keep all your paperwork together. Once you have chosen your library and have a set of images ready to upload you still need to consider […]

Making money with stock/photo libraries

Tweet If you want an opportunity to make money with your photography, why not try to sell your work via a picture library?  What a picture library does is host your images on the Internet and advertises it to potential buyers, who will then pay the agency if they want to use your photo.  The […]

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