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Sony’s New Nex-7

Tweet Sony is demonstrating a commitment to the high-end camera market, taking one jab after another at market leaders Canon and Nikon. The efforts have connected in Japan, taking a bite out of the market leaders share of sales. The sudden success of mirrorless cameras forced Nikon and Canon to move into the mirrorless space […]

Samsung Fields Big Chip NX200

Tweet One of the companies taking a bite out of Nikon and Canon’s market share in Japan is Samsung, more so than Panasonic or Olympus. Only Sony is posting better numbers. I believe the dent in the Japanese consumer market is due to the decision of Sony and Samsung to go with APS-C chips in […]

Attack of The Small Cameras

Tweet For better or worse, there is a new line of small cameras with interchangeable lenses trying to challenge traditional DSLRs.  The new cameras are smaller, lighter and faster than larger DSLRs, but still manage to squeeze in a big chip behind good glass.  The pictures are quite amazing for cameras of such small size. […]

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