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Night Photography Tips

Tweet New DSLRs with light-sensitive full frame and APS-C sized sensors provide photographers with amazing tools for night photography that were largely unavailable as little as 10 years ago. All you need for a night out capturing the city lights is a camera with a “B” or “Bulb” setting which allows you to leave the […]

Photographing The Heavens

Tweet Many people describe that photographing at night can be both challenging and rewarding. This is very true. Photographing at night can be one of the most dramatic situations that you can photograph under. Photographing at night provides very special challenges to observe and correct. If we describe photography as literally “painting with light” then […]

Cityscapes at Night Part 2

Tweet Now that we have our kit together and have taken in mind any safety issues; we are ready to take some photographs!  The best thing to capture is the hustle and bustle of the city, looking out for interesting lights. Even at night you still have a point of interest – don’t rely on […]

Cityscapes at Night Part 1

Tweet Home or on holiday, the busy inner cities have a lot to offer photographers in the day and during the night.  In the busier cities, the night brings things to life; things become illuminated, things become exaggerated.  People and passing cars become blurring lines in an otherwise static photograph.  If you live near a […]

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