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Organizing your Photographs – Part 3 (Archiving and Protecting)

Tweet When we talk about organizing our images – print or digital, its difficult no to broach the area of archiving and looking after our photographs. As great as it is to make sure that everything can be easily found, it’s important for photographers to perform regular backups and find ways to prevent images that […]

Organizing your Photographs – Part 2 (Digital Images)

Tweet Many digital photographers are finding that their image collection is growing faster than ever – when you have a memory card and no processing costs (as we once had with film) it’s tempting to shoot away to our hearts content. But what happens when we get that dreaded message from our computer?  Disk Space […]

Organizing your Photographs – Part 1 (Prints)

Tweet Sooner or later, any budding photographer is going to end up with a large and constantly growing collection of images. These days, with digital imaging, it’s a lot easier to save thousands and thousands of pictures – however a few years ago everything was done with film, negatives and prints. Some photographers (like those […]

Turning Pro Part 5: Organization

Tweet Professional photographers must be organized.  Quite often, as a freelancer, you will be juggling new clients and coming up with quotes, you will be getting new work, you will be dealing with exiting clients, sending off invoices, and of course all the other things you may do in your personal life.  Staying on top […]

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