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Six Tips For Better Photography Composition

Tweet When you’re reviewing other people’s photos on a regular basis you start to notice that the potential improvements start to fall into certain broad categories. The really interesting bit to me is that many times the tweaks that turn good into great are relatively minor. I’ve also noticed that there are five or six […]

Change Your Perspective

Tweet Creating interesting photographs does not need to be difficult. Oftentimes, the difference between an interesting shot and a boring one is a matter of perspective. There are many times when a straight-on head and shoulders shot is appropriate and well-deserving for your intention. However, straight-on shots are not very exciting. Straight shots tend to […]

Photographing Industrial Sites

Tweet It is generally not advised to hang around old and derelict industrial sites. After all, there are a number of hazards just waiting to cause injury to the non-alert visitor. Most items found within these sites are rusted, sharp, most likely illegal, and truly uninviting. Uninviting, that is, if you are not a curious […]

Shooting Straight

Tweet Someone once said there is no such thing as a perfectly straight line. I believe it was the person who built my house, but I can’t say for sure. Come to think of it, this statement is quite true, just ask any calculus student. With math and home building aside, straight lines are cannot […]

Photography on the Walkabout

Tweet There are times when everyday life becomes serious business.  There are schedules to maintain, clients to meet, equipment to prepare, and products to deliver.  Somehow it happened; your favorite hobby suddenly became overrun by your job.  Set aside your daily scheduler, leave your cell phone behind, grab your camera and your favorite general purpose […]

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