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Three Tips For Getting The Most From a New Camera

Tweet Getting a new camera is an exciting time and there’s a tendency to want to rush right out and start taking pictures. That’s fine but when you start looking at that first set of photos and wonder why they look so average, then it’s time to back up a little and fill in a […]

Introducing: Adobe Elements Course

Tweet Another highly anticipated new addition: Adobe Elements Course finally arrives! We received a large number of requests from our students and visitors over the years to create a course on Adobe Elements because the software is much more affordable than its older and richer cousin, Photoshop CS5. Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 software for Windows […]

DigiKam – Why I use Linux for Photo Work

Tweet Even tough this is a photography blog we’re going to take a little segue into the world of technology and talk about why I use Linux to handle my photo work instead of Microsoft’s Windows operating system. If you don’t know, Linux is a free and open source operating system maintained by a legion […]

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