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Using Unpaid Work To Promote Your Photography Business

Tweet Most established professionals turn their nose up at the idea of doing unpaid work and, when you can keep your dance card full with paying jobs, who can blame them? The problem is when you’re just starting out, your schedule isn’t full. You need to get your name out there. Unpaid work can get […]

Four Tips For Making Your Pictures More Interesting And Fun

Tweet When you look at great photos, they all tend to have elements in common. That’s not to say they look alike, but that they utilize some common elements of composition. Interestingly, when you look at bad pictures, they also have elements of composition in common. When you think about it, that should make sense. […]

Top Tricks For Getting Great Poses

Tweet Part of getting good portraits is getting your subject to relax and show genuine emotion instead of merely striking a pose. There are many books on how to pose people, but not as many on how to get them to show emotion in an uncomfortable situation. I’ve put together some of my tips for […]

Embracing Low Light Photography

Tweet Photographers frequently battle the persistent issue of low light as many believe low light limits the quality of the image they are trying to capture. But in actuality, low light can be used to your advantage. Low light can help you explore techniques and discover a new way to portray your subject. Low light photography can create images […]

Adding Length to Landscapes

Tweet Accurately capturing the vastness of a landscape scene is one of the greatest limitations of photography, and frequently troubles photographers. Adding a sense of length to landscape imagery may not be as difficult as you think. By making simple adjustments to your location, bringing the right equipment, and being willing to crop your images […]

Creating Reflections

Tweet The latest image enhancing software products can help you make surreal images and use your photographic skills in an imaginative way. Some traditionalists refuse the notion of using technology to enhance images but creating new images using image adjusting software is an art in its own right. A fun way to explore layering images is […]

Selling your skills as a Baby and Pregnancy Photographer

Tweet When you become a baby and pregnancy photographer, as well has having ideas and knowing how to deal with people you need to know the best way to promote your services. Babies are being born all the time and these days many women want to document their pregnancy and child in a set of […]

Photography Guides Affiliate Marketing and Referrals

Tweet Got your website up and running?  Managed to get visitors coming to see your work day to day and want to make some money out of it?  Affiliate marketing could be for you. Affiliate marketing is when a website helps to promote an online store by promoting their shop on their own website and […]

Hints when using a stock photo library

Tweet Signing up to a Photo Library to sell your prints is an exciting thing to do. Always stay organized and do your homework – get yourself a file to keep all your paperwork together. Once you have chosen your library and have a set of images ready to upload you still need to consider […]

Photographing Pets: Cats

Tweet People always say, don’t work with children or animals – and yet they make some of the most interesting photographs.  Pet photographs can make great momentums, but they are also great material for stock agencies, or for the greeting card/gift industry. If you have a kitty that you want to capture on film here […]

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