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Street Photography: Photographing People Part 3

Tweet When taking your camera out and about on the street you also need to think about what equipment to take with you – it needs to be fast and light.  On top of this it also needs to be as inconspicuous as you can manage – taking expensive equipment out into urban areas with […]

Street Photography: Photographing People Part 2

Tweet Going out onto the streets to take pictures of people is a daunting thing to do if you aren’t used to working spontaneously or approaching strangers.  However, it’s an amazing, free opportunity to get some stunning shots and will increase your confidence too.  Even if you feel that you are a shy person who […]

Street Photography: Photographing People Part 1

Tweet Now that summer is approaching, is a great time of year to get yourself out there on the streets and photograph things that are happening.  Street Photography can be quite an anonymous thing – you could be photographing buildings or the environment, sometimes people but quietly with a long lens. Street photography is a […]

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