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Photographing Pets: Small Animals

Tweet Small pets are hugely popular especially with children because whilst they can be handled and played with, they also require less commitment than dogs and cats.  Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice, Rats, Rabbits and so on – caged pets are just as challenging to photograph as other kinds of animals.  So what is the best way […]

Photographing Pets: Dogs

Tweet Dogs are known as man’s best friend – and why not?  Dogs are often chosen as family pets because they are friendly, intelligent and provide a lot of love.  Its not surprising that people who have dogs tend to take many photographs of their pets as they grow with the family.  Here are some […]

Photographing Pets: Cats

Tweet People always say, don’t work with children or animals – and yet they make some of the most interesting photographs.  Pet photographs can make great momentums, but they are also great material for stock agencies, or for the greeting card/gift industry. If you have a kitty that you want to capture on film here […]

Photographing Your Pets

Tweet Photographing a pet is an act of love. Every pet owner wants pictures of his pet looking its best. The problem is that pets, even the best behaved of them, are not the most cooperative subjects for portraits – the may do as they are told, but they don’t understand what you are looking […]

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