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Invest In Quality Lighting

Tweet   Last time we talked about the habit of amateur photographers and even a few pros, to fret incessantly about minor differences in cameras. For many people new to the business, if they have a $5,000 equipment budget, they’re going to put $4,999.99 of it into the camera. Personally, I think that’s a mistake. […]

Top Tips For Location Portraits

Tweet Business and government frequently find themselves needing a portrait of one of their staff or execs on short notice. And when I say short notice, I mean like shoot and edit the pic right there before lunch. Sending the staff somewhere to get a portrait taken is out of the question, most of the […]

My Budget Portable Lighting Rig For Under $250

Tweet Some of you may remember the article a while back about the portable lighting setup my professional wedding photographer buddy at uses. A few of you might have become depressed when adding up the price tag you realized that rig came to over $1,800.00 USD. Ouch. Many of you can’t afford that, many […]

Lighting For Wedding Photography

Tweet If you’ve ever seen a wedding photographer with a single flash mounted on the hot shoe of the camera, you can guess that lighting arrangement isn’t going to give them much latitude or a lot of creativity, regardless of how good the camera and flash combination may be. In some situations there is no […]

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