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Chances Are You’re Using Your Camera Flash All Wrong

Tweet Almost every point-and-shoot camera on the market has a fill flash along with half the smartphones on the market that use an LED next to the camera lens as kind of a short-range fill. If there was ever a worse lighting source in the history of photography, I have yet to find it. A […]

Budget Portrait Lighting Techniques

Tweet One thing that really grinds my gears is the term “natural light”. There is nothing superior about natural light; the light from strobes is 100 percent organic and raised without hormones or supplemental antibiotics. Strobes supply premium light at precise temperatures with the advantage you can direct it to just the spots you need […]

Portrait Lighting On $100

Tweet In the last few months I’ve covered basic three point lighting and five point lighting but what about those of you who can’t afford to lay out that kind of cash for gear or don’t have enough space for a studio? I decided to put together a portrait lighting package that anyone with $100 […]

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