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The Photography Market For Fantasy Portraits

Tweet A tremor ran through the world of photography when, seemingly overnight, all the big box portrait studios closed their doors and liquidated their businesses. At the time I made the case that this was a good thing for the photography business. While portrait photography may no longer be profitable enough to support executive salaries, […]

Photography Lighting – The Basic Terminology

Tweet You can’t walk the walk unless you can at least talk the talk and when it comes to buying lighting gear or reading tutorials it helps to understand the terminology. Do note that there is not a big book of photography terminology, so some of these terms may differ slightly in everyday use. For […]

Follow The Money In Professional Photography

Tweet People tend to have a vision of professional photography that encompasses a fairly narrow range of services. One of the first that springs to mind is portrait photography, yet if most photographers had to live off portrait sittings, they would starve. You can verify that yourself by spending some time in front of the […]

Basic Three Point Studio Lighting

Tweet For this article I needed a studio and the assistance of a full time studio photographer, so I turned to local professional Karl Leopold at down in Melbourne Beach, FL. Karl was gracious enough to help out with this article and lend his expertise. Three point lighting is one of the basics of […]

On Photographing People

Tweet Photographs of people have a special role in the world of photography. There’s something about a photograph of a person that creates an inherent attraction in a way that a photograph of a mountain, or a scenic landscape never could. We are social creatures by birth and people are the most important things in […]

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