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Sequence Photography and Multiplicity SFX

Tweet Multiplicity photography is the art of putting the subject in the photo more than once. The most common application is in sports photography or activities with a lot of motion, where it’s sometimes called a “sequence shot.” You’ll see it used in many situations as multiplicity has become a photography SFX staple for many. […]

Six Tips For New Photographers

Tweet We were all new once, though that’s sometimes hard to remember when confronted by the aloof snobbery of some professional photographers. As if sharing some tips with a new generation of photographers would somehow diminish their lofty creations. When you judge photo contests and review the work of people new to photography there are […]

Five Tips For Beginning Photographers

Tweet There are a lot of people with no desire to become professional photographers who would still like to improve their personal photography. In fact, according to the feedback I get from local photography instructors, the majority of people taking classes are hobbyists. For most of you that means you’d really like tips that will […]

The Art of Post Processing

Tweet These days being a good photographer isn’t enough, you have to be a good photographer and a wizard at post processing. To demonstrate what a difference master post processing can make, I went to my friend Aaron Rosen out at Pixel-Mesh in sunny California to see how they turn a somewhat ordinary photo from […]

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