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Digital Darkroom Tips: Black & White Images

Tweet Black and white images look classic and timeless; no wonder so many people choose to take photographs or convert them mono.  Without the distraction of color, black and white images transcend time.  Some images translate better when in mono than ohers, like those with stronger contrasts between white/black, dark/light, highlight/shadow.  In the past, the […]

Printing and Colour Management

Tweet Home Printing photographs is becoming an increasingly popular option, as it can be cost effective (especially when producing larger prints) and there can be greater control over the finished print.  However, many people who are new to this find that the colors that they thought they captured or saw on the computer screen aren’t […]

A photographer’s portfolio, part 1

Tweet A photographer’s portfolio is his bible.  Traditionally, a portfolio is a folder of some sort – these come in all shapes, sizes and prices.  You can also have a digital portfolio, presented online on a personal website or a third party web host. You should always include your best work in your portfolio – […]

Getting great prints through online printers

Tweet This blog actually dovetails nicely with the series I had recently on color management. So instead of covering all that territory, be sure to go back and check out Part 1 and 2 of “Displaying your photos: screen or print?” If you’re sick and tired of getting weird photos out of your printer at […]

Displaying your photos: screen or print? – PART 2

Tweet Scenario: You’ve just spent an hour and a half culling through your photos, picked your favorites, doctored them up in photoshop, and are now waiting those few glorious moments as the printer spits out your prize-winning photos. As you expectantly peek inside the printer and get a glimpse of your adorable pet photo, you […]

Hewlett-Packard A432 Portable Color Photo Printer Review

Tweet The Hewlett-Packard A432 Portable Color Photo Printer makes it possible for you to create your own portable photo studio. Just dock your camera on the Photosmart Portable Photo Printer and you are ready to print beautiful, photos (and wallets, if you like). Simply view, because it automatically removes red eye. It also brightens and […]

Get better printouts

Tweet Printer configuration – tell printer what you’re doing It’s all very well supplying your printer with glossy photo paper, but if it doesn’t realise what you’re using it can’t deliver optimum performance. Almost all printers come with utility software that allows you to select what type of paper you’re supplying it with. Some of […]

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