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Dealing With Other Photographers At Weddings

Tweet With everyone carrying a camera in their phone and mobile device, weddings are starting to look like a press conference sometimes. You won’t be shooting weddings very long before you start getting guests in the way of some of your shots. I’ve found myself jostling for position, just like a press conference. I’ve seen […]

Professional Wedding Photography: Harder Than You Think

Tweet Every year about this time I start seeing posts in photography by people who are planning to get into professional wedding photography and want to know what kind of camera to get. It takes a lot of self-control not to go off them about how unethical it is to just hang out a shingle […]

Transitioning From Hobbyist To Professional Photographer

Tweet If you ask 100 photographers how they got into the business and most will tell you they backed into photography as a career when offered jobs by friends or family. That’s a familiar story and the path that’s most likely to lead to a career taking pictures. But don’t think that just because you’ve […]

My Budget Portable Lighting Rig For Under $250

Tweet Some of you may remember the article a while back about the portable lighting setup my professional wedding photographer buddy at uses. A few of you might have become depressed when adding up the price tag you realized that rig came to over $1,800.00 USD. Ouch. Many of you can’t afford that, many […]

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