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Four Must Have Lenses For Wedding Photography (Canon Version)

Tweet Since it’s wedding season, I thought I’d cover the second most common question I get and that’s what kind of lens to get for shooting a wedding. This is one of those brand-centric topics that will be different depending on whether you shoot Canon or Nikon. This will be the Canon version. That’s no […]

Don’t Skimp On Your Wedding Photographer

Tweet With the cost of the average wedding already approaching $27,000 dollars it would seem to make little sense to skimp on the person you’re counting on to capture the memories of a production of that scale. Even when my wife and I got married, we flew in a friend of mine, a fellow professional […]

Trends In Professional Photography

Tweet It’s not exactly a headline to proclaim that professional photography is changing and those who want to make their living will have to adapt. Professional photography is in a constant state of flux and has been for as long as I can remember. Cameras get better with every generation, lenses improve, the bar on […]

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