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How to Photograph Bubbles Part 3

Tweet The final part of photographing bubbles looks specifically at photographing the patterns made by soap bubbles – a popular type of photography that creates a unique photograph every time. This kind of photography is Macro photography – it’s the kind of photographs that would work well as fine art or for uses in the […]

How to Photograph Bubbles Part 2

Tweet Photographing bubbles isn’t always the easiest thing but once you get the hang of it you will be able to get some interesting shots.  The way you choose to light the bubbles is key and it’s important that the fine little bubble shows up – therefore, keep your backgrounds simple, but make sure the […]

How to Photograph Bubbles Part 1

Tweet Taking photographs of bubbles may sound like an obscure thing to do, but you can create an interesting set of shots built around the theme of all things bubbly!  There are different kinds of ideas and things you can look at, all inexpensive and once you have had some practice – relatively low on […]

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