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Be Wary of Cloud Storage For Photography

Tweet The internet has probably done more to revolutionize photography in the last 20 years than any technology in history. When you think about it, the internet really drove the adoption of digital photography and put the final nail in the coffin of film. The internet provides a vast new market for images and for […]

Memory and Storage for Photographers

Tweet Any keen photographer will tell you that sooner or later, your collection of photographs becomes so great that storage becomes an issue.  Digital photography encourages productivity and it’s certainly easier to snap away without worrying about costs and how the shots will turn out.  But many people worry about running out of memory and […]

Delkin’s “world’s fastest” 16GB UDMA CF Pro card

Tweet Delkin Devices, Inc. has released the world’s fastest 16GB UDMA CompactFlash PRO card. The CompactFlash Card boosts the capability of a 305x read/write speed (45MB/sec sustained).This is partly due to the fact that the CF card uses high grade SLC NAND flash modules, which allows the aforementioned large data transfer rates. Best suited for […]

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