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Wireless Triggers – The Good and The Good Enough

Tweet Every photographer struggles with equipment decisions and the budget never seems big enough to get exactly what you want. Not only that, but technology marches on and pushes down the prices. Most things electronic these days are made in China, Japan or Korea and it’s rarely very long before successful products are copied and […]

The Basics Of On-Camera Strobes

Tweet I’m using the term “on camera” to make a distinction between portable strobes and the type you use primarily indoors, requiring a wall plug for electricity and have built-in modeling lights. I hesitate to call them “portable” because I can guarantee that if you get a set of studio flashes or monolights, the second […]

Studio Lighting

Tweet Stepping into the studio for the first time can be a bit overwhelming for even the most seasoned on-location photographer. The studio has all sorts of mystique about it. It’s a bit like a hi-tech laboratory for photographs. Everything is supposed to be sanitary and perfect. Nothing in the studio is left to chance; […]

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