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Studio Lighting

Tweet Stepping into the studio for the first time can be a bit overwhelming for even the most seasoned on-location photographer. The studio has all sorts of mystique about it. It’s a bit like a hi-tech laboratory for photographs. Everything is supposed to be sanitary and perfect. Nothing in the studio is left to chance; […]

How to Photograph Bubbles Part 1

Tweet Taking photographs of bubbles may sound like an obscure thing to do, but you can create an interesting set of shots built around the theme of all things bubbly!  There are different kinds of ideas and things you can look at, all inexpensive and once you have had some practice – relatively low on […]

Buying a studio flash kit: Part 1

Tweet There will come a time when natural lighting and your flashgun is not enough and you require more power and versatility.  You may want to invest in your own home studio lighting kit.  Here’s a guide to choosing your first set. These days there are plenty of home studio sets, from unbranded kits costing […]

Still Life Photography Part 1: The Home Studio

Tweet Incredible still life photographs don’t need to be shot in expensive, hi tech studios (although many are!).  Depending on your budget, you can easily work something out to produce professional looking results.  You can create a simple set up at home with natural light, a plastic box and some white paper – that’s it!  […]

Types Of Lights Used In Studio Photography?

Tweet Now that you have your own studio, a very important factor in taking great photographs, is lighting. The lighting of your studio depends on the type of lights you use. The best thing about studio lighting is that you can be in total control. Once you understand what type of lighting works, you can […]

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